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What’s the big problem with off-market deals? They are not off-market. Within a short time, every market participant knows about a potential deal. Even worse, potential prospects are approached multiple times by brokers because processes were not properly structured and prepared. Another problem often lies in determining the right time to market and the appropriate sales strategy. If these do not match the product, this inevitably leads to a poor marketing process and thus often to an excessively long marketing period. The result: The client gets nervous, nothing really moves forward, bad processes are (rightly!) questioned, but without knowing exactly where the problem really lies.



As a small, highly efficient and specialized investment boutique, we know very well „Who, When, What is looking for and Who has it“. With this knowledge we define together with you the optimal marketing form, marketing period and marketing structure. Because: one or the other marketing form does not suit every product and every market. We accompany and advise you personally and individually according to the principle „One Face to the Customer“ and represent exclusively your interests. We only work with a small number of selected clients in each real estate use segment and in each value-added area – but – definitely with all investors who fit your product.

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We at SBRE do not do anything until we have received a written release from you. Only then do we send the interested party an NDA and only get started once we have received this in writing. Assign us exclusively with the marketing of one of your projects for a short period of time. We find the optimal investors for your product. We realize the entire transaction for you. Off-market, transparent and efficient. Get to know us. Our team and our work.


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