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SBRE successfully places investment property for private investors

Schwarzenberg Real Estate GmbH was exclusively commissioned by the client to market the property in March 2021.

The marketing involved a property with residential use and further development potential in a central location of Alzenau.

The potential was identified, examined and implemented by SBRE.

„Due to the detailed work and the implementation of the potentials, SBRE was able to exceed the desired purchase price by approx. 15%. The whole process took about 10 weeks until the signing of the notary contract. A big thank you to Mr. Kay Strobel for his commitment“, said the seller(s) V.v.D.

„We were able to precisely meet our forecast and price estimate. We used the right leverage in the potential analysis. Thereby we realized at the same time a very good price for the seller(s) and established an interesting as well as sustainable investment for the buyer(s)“ says Kay Strobel.

SBRE is looking forward to a further trustful cooperation.