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Demand for turnaround models on the rise.

Many investors, who are predominantly invested in core properties with a high retail and office share, are increasingly facing significant problems and challenges. The brokerage firm Aengevelt Immobilien sees a decline of 40% in the first three quarters of this year compared to 2019.

The vacancy rate has increased only slightly, but here too the signs are red in view of the current situation.

More and more, it is becoming apparent that conventional utilization concepts, which were already in trouble before the crisis, are now proving to be definitively unprofitable.

In economically challenging times like these, it is more important than ever to position oneself early with regard to the drastic structural changes.

„We are currently seeing increasingly strong demand in the 2nd lockdown phase for utilization concepts that provide a strong response to the disruptive changes brought about by the Corona crisis,“ says Tobias Wörner.

Thorsten Seeber: „Those who have the courage to see the crisis as an opportunity for more sustainable concepts in the inner cities will emerge as winners. Our concepts are based on the long-term mega trends, which are accelerated by the crisis. We put a lot of emphasis on countercyclical models, turnaround models and try to anticipate what will be needed tomorrow.“